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JOHANNES SCHUSTER, člen predstavenstva, 

Tatra banka, a.s.

Comprehensive understanding of our jargon. Beautiful, sonorous voice. Excellent English.

LUCIA SUĎOVÁTatra banka, a.s.

Cooperation with Natália suits me and our team very well. She is precise, an expert in her field, responds promptly, and is kind-hearted. You can see that she puts a piece of herself into her work, she does it with a feeling for the situation and audience.
We always get a positive feedback on her interpretation and translations. That's why I recommend her. 

MICHAL ANDREJCO, founder and general director of the MEDANTE Clinic

I absolutely love working with Naty!


In almost 10 years of cooperation, she has come a long way and today it is truly a pleasure to work with her. Swift communication, prompt responses and deadlines met on time, intelligent empathetic demeanor, high level of written translations and challenging simultaneous interpretation, combined with her typical lightness and captivating playfulness, is exactly why I sincerely look forward to another decade of mutual cooperation .


Natalia is a smart and prompt interpreter. She can interpret concepts and ideas in a comprehensive manner so that people understand and remember them. At the two-day conference in Prague, she demonstrated her expertise, but also her endurance and energy during long interpreting.  Even in situations where doctors were talking about professional topics, she was able to interpret professionally and relevantly, considering that she had prepared for this fact in advance, which was reflected in the translation.  As for the cooperation, I appreciated her relaxed nature, friendliness, but also her very professional approach.


I can highly recommend Natalia for translation and any work.  She is dedicated, thorough and really takes care of the task at hand.  When she is translating simultaneously, I experience her work to be very in tune with whatever is being communicated, ensuring that those who require the translation get not only the words, but also the essence of what is being communicated.

I will be happy to provide you with further references upon request. 

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